Cordyceps and Island Fire Superfood Review

Thursday, October 9th, 2008 at 2:25 pm

As you guys can probably tell from my blogs lately, I am getting more and more into superfoods! Probably because it’s what my business is based on, but mostly because my body is being exposed to more of them and liking more of them.

I actually just created a new meetup group that will be based exclusively on superfoods.  It’s called the Chicago Superfood Nutrition Meetup.  We’ll be meeting to hang out, share our experienced with superfoods, and make and enjoy superfood ice creams, raw chocolate, drinks, smoothies, and fudge!  Yum ?

So here is my next review on Elements for Life products: Cordyceps and Island Fire.  I hope this is helping some of you out who are shopping for your next new superfood (which is a major hobby of mine!)

I just got a lot of this information from the call with David Wolfe last night so if you were on that call, this might sound familiar.  If you’d like to hear it, it’s still available via this link.

Taken straight from the EFL website, cordyceps has been found to:
*  Strengthen Immune System
* Increase Libido and Sexual Performance
* Support Healthy Strong Heart and Cardiovascular System
* Radically increase cellular energy
* Dramatically Increase Stamina and Endurance
* Support Healthy Lungs and Respiratory System
* Cellular Detoxification
* Improve Memory
* Increase Nutrient Absorption
* Adaptogen -Build Resistance to Stress and Anxiety
* Promote Restful Productive Sleep
I’ve always wanted to get into medicinal mushrooms but didn’t until I got into Elements for Life.  I guess I thought they were too expensive?  Cordyceps comes in a glass jar with about 112 servings, so it comes out to less then 50 cents per serving!   I’ve been putting a gram (about ½ teaspoon) into my smoothies or superfood drinks every morning and have been feeling and sleeping great lately.
Other medicinal mushrooms I take on occasion (not daily like cordyceps) are reishi (by New Chapter) and He Shu Wu (by Mytonix).  I think this is really the next step up if you’ve been into gojis, cacao, and maca for a while.
Although the website nor the label does not say organic or raw, after personally asking the owner of Elements for Life, I found out that this is a raw and laboratory certified organic product.  The labels were printed before getting certification.  The newest batch of labels do say organic on them.
(The same goes with all of the EFL products, by the way. All of these products are organic, if not, beyond organic.  The labels will soon reflect that.)
The taste of cordyceps is delicious.  The powdered down mushrooms smell and taste very savory and would probably go very well in savory soups as well.  They are very potent though and I’ve heard from more than a few people to start off with just ¼ teaspoon (so I’ve never used more than ½ teaspoon at a time).
The manufacturer must remain unnamed but the founder of EFL was referred to them by Paul Stamets, the famous mushroom guy.
Are any of you guys into medicinal mushrooms and if so, which ones do you take?

David Wolfe on Cordyceps:

Island Fire
Island Fire is a proprietary product featuring Tahitian Noni. (Proprietary meaning that you can only get it through Elements.)   This is a 100% raw, unpasteurized noni product with no juice added in!  This is one of my favorite new superfoods right now and I take a shot, or two, or three every morning.  It’s my new daily health tonic.  It’s loaded with enzymes (140+bio active enzymes) as well as Raw Hawaiian Tumeric Juice (olena), Raw Ginger Juice, Meyer Lemon Juice, Spices, and Trace Minerals.  As you can probably imagine, it really gives your tastebuds a kick!
If you’ve ever heard David Wolfe talk about Noni, you’ve probably heard him refer to it as one of his favorite foods in the world (even though it tastes awful!)  The fruit is found all over the island of Hawaii and people usually blend it up into smoothies, using coconut to sweeten up the taste.
Here is a good amount of info on Noni here.

Here’s some info on these added ingredients too
Tumeric—great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in the Aryuvedic system.
Ginger—great for muscle recovery.  The sulfur and sulfur-bearing proteins are great for anti aging and wrinkles.
If you think you have a very sensitive stomach and that this would irritate your stomach, they will be coming out with a plain raw Tahitian Noni tonic as well soon!
I don’t mind the taste of it personally, but you could definitely tone this drink down if you wanted to with some goji berry tea or juice of your own.  Whatever works for you!
If you’ve never tried Noni before, I’d definitely treat yourself to a raw noni product of some kind in the near future ?  You just never know what your panacea will be….

Now here’s David Wolfe on Island Fire and Noni Fruit:

One other quickie for today:  I occasionally flip through women’s magazines while at the gym on the elliptical or stairclimber and lately I’ve been seeing a TON of adds for beauty products with SUPERFOODS in them.  It’s so funny!  Smashbox has a lip gloss with Goji berry extract in it.  Loreal just came out with a shampoo and conditioner line with royal jelly in it.  I know that has been happening for a while with green tea, clay, mushroom (in Aveeno’s line) etc, but I think it’s really exploding right now.  I think it would be better to EAT these foods though and not just put them on our skin (along with who knows what).

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