Gaining Muscle, Losing Fat on a Raw Food Diet

Thursday, October 29th, 2009 at 8:48 pm


Don’t worry–keep reading–this post is definitely Safe for Work.

I thought I’d share with you how my 90 Day Challenge with the K-1 Machine is going (you may remember from an earlier post or newsletter?) and how I’m eating differently now to reach my goals. It’s been about five weeks so far and I’ve definitely learned a lot about how to gain muscle and lose fat on a raw food diet. I’ve never done a challenge like this before and I can definitely see how 30-10 day challenges can be so effective in building new habits and ways of thinking.

So far: Raw foods + Superfoods + Whole Body Vibration Exercise is pretty effective for trimming and tightening the body!

I’ve been trying NOT to mess with my diet too much on this challenge (i.e. change too many things) because I want to show the effectiveness of whole body vibration on anyone. However, I’ve definitely been conscious about what and how much I’m eating and if it’s moving me closer to or further away from where I want to go. I’ve made slight changes here and there, and I plan on making some more changes in the future (it’s actually really hard for me NOT to change my eating habits over any period of time, especially when the season’s changing), and I wanted to share them with you here, because I’ve seen Real Results from them so far (with the exercise and the diet).

A lot of my results (tighter body, trimmer waist, more muscle tone) can be attributed to the exercise, for sure, but it can also be attributed to my diet. After all, as the cliche goes, “you can’t exercise out a bad diet.” Raw foods and superfoods are key, but I’ve also been focusing on eating more protein via raw vegan protein powders, even more spirulina than usual, nutritional yeast, and even cooked lentils and quinoa–which I’m really loving in this colder weather.

I’m also focused on more anabolic foods such as flax oil, hemp oil, coconut oil, and goji berries; eating smaller meals throughout the day; eating foods lower on the glycemic index (cutting out a lot of honey and dates and dried fruits); and again, eating more protein–especially within 45 minutes of working out for muscle-recovery’s sake.

So much is coming back to me from my college weight training days when I used to eat nothing but protein all day (totally gross–bleh!). But it did seem A LOT easier back then to eat high-protein and low fat back then with fat free cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese, low carb cereals, meat, etc. With raw food it is more of a challenge to eat low carb, low fat, AND high protein. You have to turn to protein powder supplements, animal proteins (dairy or eggs at least) or cooked foods in my opinion (unless you can digest spouted lentils and quinoa really well (which I can’t.)

I’m not trying to look like a body builder or anything, believe me. My goal is to put on some muscle and get leaner (lower body fat). I’m only about 103 lbs and I am already pretty active and feel as though I have tried everything (including hiring a very expensive personal trainer) to try and budge those numbers so I am really ecstatic about using the K-1 to amp up my workout routine! As you can see from the pictures, posted above and in my latest 90 Day Challenge post and video update, I’m seeing pretty awesome results so far! I’m down about 2% in body fat and I have about 3% more to go. My goal is to get back to a 17% body fat, and put on some muscle too!

squash_butternutI can’t say for sure if this challenge has been what has made me explore cooked foods again. It may have must been that I’m getting less strict about everything. I’m always going to be a high-raw girl but in order to eat a lower-in-fat diet, I’ve decided to go back to enjoying steamed yams, butternut squash, and brussel sprouts. Lentils and quinoa too. All really healthy and simple foods that Mike Adams, Dr. Jameth Sheridan (creator Healthforce Nutritionals Superfoods) and Kevin and Annmarie Gianni say they incorporate into their diet as well.

So it’s all good…I still love my superfoods like Blue Green Algae, Marine Phytoplankton, Gojis, Cacao, Bee Pollen, Sea Veggies, Maca, Spirulina, Chia, MSM, Sun Warrior Protein, Hemp Protein.

For the rest of my challenge, I’m going to focus on keeping my diet pretty consistent, focusing on more protein and less sugars, and I’m going to focus on getting some high-intensity cardio in. I think as a raw foodist, there is just so much energy bundled up inside, it takes a lot for a petite person like me to use it all up! More spin classes, sprinting on the treadmill, jump roping then the k-1 machine, then jump roping again, etc.

I’m been really grateful for all that my body can do and handle lately. 50 minutes on the K-1 machine is just nuts! And I love it and how it feels! I love that I can help my body recover with these amazing foods and superfoods. I’m so grateful to be getting into this challenge with the winter season well on the way with there being less sunlight (I can get really affected by the short and dark days). Superfoods and super exercise make me an ecstatic being :)

Raise the vibe,


PS.  The next post is going to be on the top 20 Raw Vegan Foods and Superfoods to Build Muscle and Lose Fat so stay tuned…

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