How to sell your friends on raw food (or healthier eating)

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009 at 10:33 am


(samples for new customers at Karyn’s Fresh Corner in Chicago)

Facts tell, stories sell

Have you heard this phrase before?  If you have, you just might be in marketing or sales.  (My business is in marketing).  But this phrase can really be applied to anything.  Have you ever tried “selling” your friends on going to a new restaurant that you’ve been to and really loved?  Maybe you’ve tried to persuade your mom or dad to help you out with that new Vita-mix, or tried to convice your friends about the benefits of RAW FOOD?  Have you ever found that it totally backfired on you?  It might have been because you tried to sell them with too many facts, numbers, and features instead of bringing in emotion and excitement with a story.

Who doesn’t love a good story?  Testimonials and stories are crucial in my business so I’ve learned about how to create and deliver one that really works.  I think this kind of tool is so important to use when sharing your raw lifestyle with friends too.   So let’s get to work!  It’s time to create your 30 second testimonial :)

The secret to a good testimonial is that it is:

•    Quick (30-45 seconds max)
•    High energy
•    Heartfelt

Elements of the testimonial

  1. Your background: your lifestyle, diet, or health.
  2. What you didn’t like before discovering raw foods.
  3. What raw food has done for you.

So don’t bother so much with the facts and features of raw food, but really focus on your story and the benefits you’ve reaped.  People love a good story and will listen better and will be more apt to move towards you emotionally.  Nail this down and you’ll find you’re reaching your non-raw friends like never before :)

Example: My Raw Food Testimonial
5 years ago I was having trouble sleeping, was depressed, had severe acid reflux, and had a horrible relationship with food.  I read a book that taught me that what I really was suffering from was auto-intoxication and a clogged system and overnight, I   decided to cut out meat and dairy from my diet completely.   Six months later I cut out all processed and cooked foods too.  I was able to get off of every single medication, lose weight, gain energy, and regain a healthy relationship with food.  Now I experience incredible health and want to keep it that way, and I know I can do this by eating a high-raw diet!  Did I mention it tastes great and is actually FUN to eat?!

The goal is to get them to say: “Oh really? Tell me more.”  or “Tell me how I can do that!”  Then you can go on to explain more of the hows.  Recommend a book to them to get all the whys (that what I do) or you might get yourself in a tangle :)

Try to keep it short and sweet.  Write it down and read it out loud- if you read something and can say to yourself “so what”, then take it out or change it up.  Make every word count.  Keep your final version written down somewhere and get it memorized.   I guarantee if you can do this, people around you will really take an interest in learning more about this lifestyle for themselves!


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