Immune Detox (Zeolites) Review

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008 at 11:40 am

Today I wanted to do a product review on Elements for Life’s Immune Detox product.  This is a micronized actived zeolite product with ocean and plant derived ionic trace minerals.  Note: I just love how this company puts in extra little things like the Ionic Trace Minerals in its products for us.  So not only is it detoxifying but nourishing as well! (The Island Fire noni tonic has ionic minerals in it too.)

So what are zeolites?  Zeolites are a powdery substance created when lava meets the ocean water.  Whenever volcanic lava is poured into the ocean, there’s going to be a zeolite deposit.  This powdered substance is then placed in some actived water to make it easy to transport and get it into our bodies.

David Wolfe has said several times in his lectures now that all vegetarian mammals eat clay and earth compounds as part of their diet.  They especially do this when they’re sick. It’s like they intrinsically know that it will carry whatever is ailing them OUT of their bodies.  (I’ve done several detoxes with Bentonite Clay and physillium so I can attest to this as well–it gets stuff out).  The clay also increases longevity.

Unlike other detox programs and products that release toxins in the body as their working, zeolites have a molecular structure that acts like a cage.  This gives them the ability to absorb and trap toxins in the “cage.”  The zeolites are then safely eliminated from the body when you go to the bathroom (toxins and all).  You can see for yourself the zeolite crystalline structure on the zeolite product page.

I immediately embraced Immune Detox.  When I worked for BP, my first role with them was as a gas station and convenience store manager completely in charge of running the store, employees, increasing the bottom line, and complying with hundreds of environmental, health, and safety laws.  In those six months, I inhaled A LOT of gas fumes while testing the pumps, cleaning, and taking care of minor spills by customers.  I was very concerned about this when I first got into detoxing a couple years ago and still wonder if any of these toxins are still in me and so this product is very important to me.

I happily stopped buying Waiora Natural Cellular Defense zeolites, which I tried just once and thought were way too expensive, even as a distributor) and converted to Immune Detox.  I have found them to be very good for the price… and the bigger bottles last a lot longer too (probably about twice as long as the NCD zeolite bottle).

Gabriel Cousens has done research on this and although he is an Elements for Life distributor, I think he is the one that really pushed the Waiora NCD zeolites into the market with that company.
I found a website with some research that he did on them here that may be good for you to check out as it gives considerably more advice on taking zeolites than Elements for Life does (although the dosage instructions differ).

On the bottle of Immune Detox (2 fl. Oz) the instructions say the serving size is 3 pumps and this will last 30 days, however, I think this is a bit much and you will probably want to cut it down to at least half of that and disperse your dosages throughout the day.  I think that for everyone it’s going to be totally different and you should rely on your intuition and the feedback your body gives you.  But in this way, the bottle will last you at least two months.  Bottom line is start small and work your way up because this stuff is POTENT.

Here are some notes I’ve taken while listening to David Wolfe talk about Elements for Life’s Immune Detox:

-There’s only one thing that can really neutralize the free radicals- plutonium and uranium and this is zeolites.
- Zeolites are the best way to get mercury out of your body.
-Zeolites are more powerful than clay.
-They’re highly absorbent
-Taking zeolites can dehydrate you.  You need to triple water intake.
-Zeolites pull to themselves metabolic waste products, plastic residues, uranium and plutonium.
-Zeolites lead the field in detoxification technology.
-These are NOT the type of zeolites you should put in your eyes

And here’s a good question that was posed by a fellow Elements for Life superhero:
Is there a possibility that the gold particles in Gold Rush will be chelated by the zeolites?
Another superhero asked co-founder Adam Russel and Bonnie Carney (the BDE Waiora/Zeolite Coordinator) about this and got the same answer. The Gold Rush is NOT chelated by the zeolites.  So no worries!

Hope this helped you out in understanding a bit more about zeolites and in becoming aware of another great detox technology available to you :)

Now, here’s David Wolfe talking about zeolites:

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