Dragon Fruit and Metabolic Typing

Sunday, December 16th, 2007 at 10:49 am


Yup… you’re looking at them…my new favorite snack and dessert.  Dried dragon fruit from Trader Joe’s.  These to-live-for snacks were introduced to me my friend Anthony.  Part of my welcome to NY goodie bag :)  I just love them because they’re sweet but not too sweet and they have these little black seeds the size of chia seeds that give it this awesome crunch.  There’s a little fat and protein in there too so I think it’s a more balanced snack than straight up dried fruit.  It’s high in vitamin C too.  I need to make a trip to Trader Joe’s ASAP for some more of these…

I’ve been wanting to do a post on metabolic typing for a while now.  I think it’s really important to know for the new or struggling raw fooder.  I think it could be one of the major keys to success, in fact.  I touched on this in one of my “Go Raw Chicago” classes but I really wanted to talk a lot more about it.  Give everyone a quiz on it or something.  It takes a bit of trial-and-success experimentation after you become aware of the question, but it’s SO worth it.

The question is: Are you a fast metabolizer or a slow metabolizer?  Are you trying to eat just fruit in the morning but find yourself hungry 20 minutes later??  Maybe just fruit alone isn’t for you.  Maybe you need to add some oils in that fruit smoothie to get you through to lunch.  David Wolfe has said in many lectures one of the big goals relative to eating habits is to keep your blood sugar balanced throughout the day by eating as little as possible.  Having ups and downs from eating just sugar or being starving and then so full it makes you want to take a nap means there’s opportunity here.

What foods best fuel your body, or what does your body prefers to burn for energy?  Fats, carbs, sugars, or a combination of two of these?  Everyone is different and that’s what makes it a bit hard when going raw to get diet advice.  Everyone will tell you it’s different for everyone and that’s the truth.  That’s why ALL of the fad diets (i.e. Atkins) work for SOME people; they all cut out one or two major food groups.  Most people are either fast metabolizers or slow metabolizers although there are a few balanced ones out there too.  Fast metabolizers are those who need a lot more fats and proteins in their systems for sustainable energy.  They burn up simple fruit sugars way too fast if eaten alone and need to eat again very soon because they’re blood sugar goes up and right back down very quickly.  Simple sugars or not sustainable fuels for them.  Slow metabolizers are those that thrive on simple fruit sugars.  Fruit alone can take them into the afternoon and eating a lot of fat and protein for them will really slow their system down.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens is a big fan of this system too.  He makes sure everyone knows what type they are at his institute and according to that, he recommends slow metabolizers eat half the amount of nut/seed dishes than the fast metabolizers.  He says he is a slow metabolizer himself.

I am a slow metabolizer.  But some days, I have eaten way more nut/seed dishes than others and have felt fine.  So maybe I’m a balanced oxidizer sometimes? I just have to really MOVE or exercise that day.  I can’t just sit down at my desk right afterwards, that’s for sure!  I don’t think it’s better or worse than being a fast metabolizer, it just means I need to eat a bit lighter and watch my proportions when it comes to fats.

There are numerous tests and questions out there to help you figure out what you are.  I’ve taken a look at them all as well as taken the Niacin test (which is kind of fun, by the way, if you haven’t experienced a Niacin flush yet).  Here are some links for you below if you’re struggling with your energy levels.  If you’re not, kudos for you!  Congratulations.  Make a note of how you’re eating now and REMEMBER it.



(this is a quiz that you can take that I found really helpful. It is really for cooked-foodists but if you remember how you were when you ate cooked food, it could give you the answers you’re looking for.  I took the niacin test after reading this chapter.)

Hope you all are enjoying the holidays.  It’s been a very white December here in Chicago. The cold weather doesn’t bother me surprisingly.  I really like it!! (and I’m from California)  Stay strong out there.  Have a buddy to call if you need support sticking with your raw threshold (whatever that may be).

Update: I did another, more thorough post on how to determine your metabolic type in December 2008.  You can read it by clicking the link above.


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