New York…always on the leading edge.

Monday, December 10th, 2007 at 4:23 pm


I’m baaacck! (in shy-town, that is).  What a trip!  I LOVE New York!  I had the best time ever out there with new friends and old friends, sight-seeing, hanging out with fellow raw-food enthusiasts, checking out all the healthy hot-spots (and there are SO MANY), and dancing all night long (till 4am??).  The weather was great.  Flurries and overcast but still gorgeous and holiday-like.  I would just stand on a corner grinning from ear to ear until someone would say “Are you lost?” New Yorkers are supposed to be mean?

My new friend Anthony of and I hung out quite a bit checking out the raw scene and talking about our journey in health, spirituality and raw foods.   We had some amazing chats as well as raw food together.  The insights of raw fooders (and the food) just keeps getting better and better!  I was also very lucky to hang out with the new New York young-and-raw meetup group (not a group but organized via We Like It Raw).  I went out to lunch with them at a raw food restaurant on Saturday and also got to meet Dhrumil, creator of We Like It Raw.  I’m now inspired to start my own young-and-raw meetup group here in Chicago! Stay tuned for that one…We’ll do things together that AREN’T all about food like going bowling, walking around the city, checking out art galleries, going to a new yoga class, watching an inspiring movie, etc.  FUN STUFF!!

No problems staying raw while traveling.  I don’t see how you couldn’t in a city like New York.  It was definitely awe-inspiring to see the plethora of salad bar restaurants and cafes, smoothie bars, raw food restaurants, healthy organic grocery stores, raw food delis, fruit stands, farmers, markets, etc.  Seeing these (as well as a back kitchen tour of Pure Food and Wine) gave me a lot more focus around my green smoothie juice bar to come.

I’ll be posting more on this amazing trip soon.  Lots of synchronicities though.  Déjà vu too.  I once heard someone ask Abraham-Hicks a question about déjà vu and they answered that déjà vu means that you’re on the right path.  It’s you catching up with you; you’ve already had that experience vibrationally.  That’s pretty darn reassuring to me!!

Young and raw is definitely the next thing.  I’m so happy for the up-and-coming group of New Yorkers that are starting to hang out and really support each other on a more regular basis.  We’ll get that going in Chicago REAL soon….


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